European Parliamentary election results

The European Parliamentary election took place on Thursday 23 May 2019. The results will be declared on Sunday 26 May 2019.

EU parliamentary results

Cabinet refresh

Published: Wednesday, 3rd October 2018

Following the sudden death of Cllr Jesse Grey, a cabinet refresh has taken place to cover his portfolio.

This follows on from changes last month which could reduce the special responsibility allowances which could release funds back into council services of up to approximately £55,000 per annum.  

The changes to cabinet are:

  • Cllr Mike Airey, lead member for environmental services (including parking, flooding, housing and performance management).
  • Cllr MJ Saunders, lead member for finance and economic development.

The other members of cabinet are:

  • Councillor Dudley - Leader of the Council and Chairman of Cabinet, Maidenhead regeneration and Maidenhead.
  • Councillor Bicknell - Deputy Leader of the Council, highways, transport and Windsor.
  • Councillor Coppinger - Deputy Chairman of Cabinet, planning and health (including sustainability).
  • Councillor N Airey - Children’s services.
  • Councillor S Rayner - Culture and communities (including resident and business services).
  • Councillor Carroll - Adult social care and public health.
  • Councillor Targowska – HR, legal and IT.
  • There are two principal members Cllr Bateson, neighbourhood planning and Ascot & The Sunnings and Cllr Hilton, Ascot regeneration.

Cllr Simon Dudley, leader of the council, said: “Following the sudden sad news of Cllr Grey we have made changes to cabinet to ensure his good work continues. I am sure Cllr Mike Airey will take on the challenge and continue the good work Cllr Grey had started.”


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