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Council works on budget plans for 2019/20

Published: Monday, 12th November 2018

Council officers are working hard to deliver a balanced budget for 2019/20 whilst ensuring we protect front line services for residents.

The financial update for November cabinet shows that there are current pressures of £7.4 million for the 2018/19 budget and there is a range of work taking place to mitigate them which includes savings being made of £4.4 million.


Reviews of all services that the council provides and delivers are being carried out to ensure any further savings can be considered as the budget is prepared for 2019/20.


Councillor Simon Dudley, leader of the council, says: “All councils are experiencing challenging financial positions and we are no different to the rest of the country.


“There are pressures in our own children’s services and we are currently managing a £4 million pressure for 2018/19. I have previously written to Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education, in August this year. This set out our areas of concern, specifically around the children’s services pressure and I want them to look at how they can support local government more. 


“Austerity is not coming to an end in local government. Only an increase in funding for children’s services to assist us protect the most vulnerable will bring that to fruition.


“We await the local government financial settlement in December, where government can indeed help bring local government austerity to an end”.


“Council officers are working on a range of proposals to deliver a balanced and prudent budget for 2019/20 to ensure we will not be affecting front line services for our residents.”


The council has a healthy reserve position of £8.5 million which is in excess of the £5.8 million recommended minimum level set at Council in February 2018.


There has been work throughout the year to ease budget pressures for this year, and potential areas where opportunity existed to mitigate any pressures across the council.


The cabinet report will be discussed on Thursday 22 November at Maidenhead Town Hall.

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