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Have your say on car parking arrangements for Ockwells Park

Published: Tuesday, 6th August 2019

Proposals for a new car park at Ockwells Park could reduce congestion around the popular park.

The proposals have been put forward to create new, additional car and cycling parking for Ockwells Park to increase capacity and reduce incidents of illegal or inconsiderate parking.

Residents and users of the park, which has grown in popularity since it was extended into Thrift Wood, will be able to give their comments on three options for the location and make-up of the new parking. The new car park could see an additional 36 car spaces added to the existing parking facilities and 16 new cycle hub spaces.

Park users and residents have a choice of three options for the new parking:

  • Option one would see individual blocks of parking spaces broken up by significant landscaping with perimeter landscaping reducing the view of the parking area from the park. This option would mean that the parking area extends further into the park itself.
  • For option two a single large block of parking with perimeter landscaping reducing the view of the parking area from the park is suggested. This option has the smallest impact on the existing park area. 
  • Finally, option three would feature two individual blocks of parking spaces with limited landscaping between them with external landscaping to reduce views of the parking area from the park. This option occupies less parkland than option one, and more than option two.

Cllr Samantha Rayner, lead member for culture, communities and Windsor said: “We want as many residents as possible to be able to enjoy wonderful Ockwells Park while also having access to suitable car and cycle parking.

“All three schemes put forward for resident feedback have been carefully thought through to ensure that any additional parking is softened with landscaped plants and trees, while allowing us to increase the cycle and car parking. We would like to hear residents and park users’ views how best to achieve this.”

Residents and park users have until Sunday 18 August 2019 to give their views on the plans and you can find full details on the scheme and how to respond here.



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