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Electricity to come exclusively from renewable sources

Published: Thursday, 15th August 2019

Electricity purchased by the council is to come only from renewable sources following a cabinet decision last month.

As part of the Council’s pledge to reach a carbon neutral position by 2050, all electricity bought will now be generated by technologies such as solar, wind and hydro power.

This will include all electricity used in schools managed by the Royal Borough, as well as all street lighting.

The Town Hall, Maidenhead, is already home to a large number of solar panels, and more will be installed on the new Braywick Leisure Centre and other locations around the borough.

Cllr Gerry Clark, lead member for sustainability, waste services and economic development said: "I am delighted to see the Council take this significant step in support of our net zero carbon by 2050 pledge and we will continue to identify where further reductions can be made.

“By only purchasing electricity from renewable sources, we are making a clear statement that we are all committed to this hugely important cause.

“This is a significant step forward towards a carbon neutral borough".

Previously, electricity was procured from a variety of sources including, gas, coal and renewables.

The council purchases approximately £2 million of gas and electricity each year through the Crown Commercial Services framework, with 87% of this spend on electricity. Cabinet approved the decision on Thursday 25 July to purchase electricity from only renewable sources.

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