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Schemes to support walking and cycling in the borough

Published: Wednesday, 17th June 2020

Funding from the government’s Emergency Action Travel Grant will help implement measures across the borough to support walking and cycling.

The funding, if approved by government, will enable the council to use pop-up and temporary interventions to create an environment that is safe for both walking and cycling within areas that may become congested and where social distancing requires changes to local infrastructure.

Signage to remind visitors of social distancing has already been rolled out in Ascot, Maidenhead and Windsor town centres and the funding will provide further assistance to make the borough a safer place for pedestrians and cyclists.

The first tranche of funding, expected to be £140,000 will fund:

  • The introduction of a 20mph speed limit in Maidenhead and Windsor town centre streets to make it safer for increased numbers of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Removal of any unnecessary street furniture across the borough that restricts the capacity for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Additional cycle parking in Maidenhead on Market Street, King Street (near David Lloyd gym), and on the High Street near the old Post Office.
  • Additional cycle parking in Windsor at Windsor Central Station.
  • Relocation of limited waiting parking, loading and taxi bays on Queen Street North and South to increase pavement widths for pedestrians.
  • Temporary removal of planters on Peascod Street in Windsor to increase space for pedestrians.
  • Measures to increase pavement widths on Thames Street and River Street in Windsor.

Councillor Gerry Clark, cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, says: “I am hopeful that the funding will arrive soon and we are working through the schemes at pace to ensure we can implement them within the timescales government have provided. We will be monitoring all the schemes as they are introduced so that any necessary revisions can be quickly introduced to optimise their effect.

“The schemes will assist with the high street recovery as we aim to encourage more residents back to our towns by changing the layout of the town centres to adapt to social distancing.

“The measures proposed are also welcome as they support our Cycling Action Plan and Climate Change strategies and will deliver environmental, air quality and public health benefits.

“This is the first tranche of funding and we hope to start implementing the proposed schemes before the end of June, providing the grant is secured, alongside our other initiatives to stimulate support for the high street and local businesses.

“We hope to receive further grants in the coming months which would enable further schemes to be implemented and we will be consulting with residents as these opportunities arise.”

The Department for Transport have a total of £250 million with £225 million provided directly to local transport authorities and London boroughs, while £25 million will help support cycle repair schemes.

The £225 million allocated to local authorities will be released in two phases. The first tranche of £45 million will be released as soon as possible so that work can begin at pace on changing road and pavement layouts to create more space for cycling and walking.

A second tranche of £180m is expected to be released later in the summer to enable authorities to install further, more permanent measures to cement cycling and walking habits.

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