Published Friday 9 June 2017

The latest version of the Borough Local Plan (Regulation 19) will be discussed at Full Council on Monday 19 June

The plan will shape the next two decades of growth and facilitate new homes and infrastructure which are provided in the borough. Development will not take place all at the same time but will be phased over the next two decades. Alongside this there will be hundreds of millions of pounds poured into infrastructure projects.

Regulation 19 tests the soundness of the plan as a whole rather than on individual sites. Comments that have already been supplied in the Regulation 18 consultation last year have been assessed and fed into the Regulation 19 plan.

The key areas for making representation are whether the plan is:

  • Positively prepared – does it meet the objectively assessed need for housing and employment land and is it consistent with achieving sustainable development.
  • Justified – does it contain the most reasonable strategy when compared against reasonable alternatives.
  • Effective – is it deliverable over the period given.
  • Consistent with national policy – does it allow sustainable development in line with the National Planning Policy Framework and the supporting National Planning Policy Guidance.

Cllr Derek Wilson, cabinet member for planning, said: “The Borough Local Plan plays such an important part in how we shape the future of the borough and build a borough for everyone. 

“After residents gave us their views on the proposed sites in the last round of consultation we fed that back into the plan and now we are testing the soundness of it. 

“All these comments will be supplied to the Secretary of State ready for the examination.” 

Residents can view the draft plan, including the draft plan for infrastructure provision and other supporting documents, online at or in person at our libraries across the borough.

Councillors will be asked to agree the publication of the plan for Regulation 19 at Full Council on 19 June at Maidenhead Town Hall.

Cllr David Evans, cabinet member for Maidenhead regeneration and Maidenhead (including school improvement), said: “Maidenhead will be the main focus for many of the new homes as it has excellent transport connections and will also benefit from the arrival of the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) when it opens in 2019.

“A large number of those homes are going to be built in the next five years through the four joint venture sites.”

Cllr David Hilton, principal member for Ascot regeneration, said: “The Borough Local Plan supports the local economy and enables the provision of low cost housing to benefit all residents.

“Development in the centre of Ascot could also provide much need community facilities and help develop infrastructure.”

Cllr Philip Love, deputy lead member for Maidenhead regeneration and Maidenhead, said: “There are some hugely exciting plans for Maidenhead in the coming years with regeneration which will enhance its character and appearance.

“Through the Borough Local Plan these changes will make our town an even more attractive place to live, work and play, including the redeveloped waterways.”