Published Monday 17 July 2017

Residents still have six weeks to view the Borough Local Plan submission version and make representations on the plan’s soundness.

This latest stage, known as Regulation 19, runs until Friday 25 August 2017. During this time copies of the plan will be available in all borough libraries and parish offices as well as online.

Once adopted, the plan will run retrospectively from 2013-2033 and help guide where developments including housing, leisure, retail, office and open space should be sited and how they will fit in with existing and planned infrastructure.

There are a number of different ways for residents to make representations about the legal and technical soundness of the plan at this stage including online, by post or over the phone.

Cllr Derek Wilson, cabinet member for planning, said: “We have already fed residents’ comments about the individual sites into this version of the Borough Local Plan and the whole document is available to view online and in hard copy.

“At this stage we are now looking at the plan and process as a whole and we have ensured there are a wide number of ways for these representations to be made.

“To be accepted by the Planning Inspector representations need to be in writing. We have created a submission form to make this as simple as possible and our library and resident services team are also available in person and over the phone to help guide residents through this.”

Representations during Regulation 19 can be made:

•    Online through the consultation portal where representations can be made against specific consultation points (e.g. chapters/maps etc.).
•    Emailing planning policy: a representation form (which is available to download from the website, or available in hard copy from libraries/parish councils), free text or a scanned written document.
•    Completing a representation form available from the libraries/parish councils and posting it to Planning Policy via the freepost address.
•    Sending letters to Planning Policy via the freepost address.
•    Calling the contact centre and asking them to take comments down and sending back to the resident for signing off and submitting.

For more information about the Borough Local Plan or how to make representations see the Borough Local Plan page.