Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Ethnicity (PDF)

Size: 446.3 KB

Infant mortality (PDF)

Size: 222.49 KB

Life expectancy and mortality (PDF)

Size: 203.59 KB

Migration (PDF)

Size: 229.26 KB

Population (PDF)

Size: 281.34 KB

Religion and belief (PDF)

Size: 215.46 KB

Starting well

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Antenatal and newborn screening (PDF)

Size: 353.57 KB

Births (PDF)

Size: 272.83 KB

Breastfeeding (PDF)

Size: 312.63 KB

Child development at 2-2.5 years (PDF)

Size: 220.06 KB

Children's oral health (PDF)

Size: 464.12 KB

Early access to antenatal care (PDF)

Size: 273.79 KB

Foundation stage attainment (PDF)

Size: 249.11 KB

Smoking in pregnancy (PDF)

Size: 217.72 KB

Developing well

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Autism in children (PDF)

Size: 135.22 KB

Children and adolescent mental health (PDF)

Size: 240.84 KB

Childhood obesity (PDF)

Size: 732.43 KB

Children and young people substance misuse (PDF)

Size: 269.4 KB

Children in care and care leavers (PDF)

Size: 222.19 KB

Children in need (PDF)

Size: 134.21 KB

Female genital mutilation (FGM) (PDF)

Size: 229.87 KB

Immunisation and vaccination 5-19yrs (PDF)

Size: 210.53 KB

Long term conditions in children (PDF)

Size: 225.34 KB

Road safety (PDF)

Size: 497.88 KB

School life (PDF)

Size: 219.18 KB

Sexual health : Chlamydia screening (PDF)

Size: 213.22 KB

Sexual and reproductive health and HIV (PDF)

Size: 272.12 KB

Smoking and young people (PDF)

Size: 211.19 KB

Teenage pregnancy (PDF)

Size: 301.51 KB

Youth offending (PDF)

Size: 160.05 KB

Young people and alcohol (PDF)

Size: 202.77 KB

Young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) (PDF)

Size: 237 KB

Living and working well

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Alcohol (PDF)

Size: 147.82 KB

Access to social care/personalisation (PDF)

Size: 145.26 KB

Adult obesity (PDF)

Size: 460.27 KB

Adults oral health (PDF)

Size: 470.84 KB

Antimicrobal resistance (PDF)

Size: 320.6 KB

Cancer (PDF)

Size: 319.03 KB

Cardiovascular disease (PDF)

Size: 312.17 KB

Communicable diseases (PDF)

Size: 376.86 KB

Diabetes (PDF)

Size: 226.15 KB

Drug misuse (PDF)

Size: 238.09 KB

General health and wellbeing (PDF)

Size: 134.54 KB

Liver disease (PDF)

Size: 275.4 KB

Long term conditions (PDF)

Size: 214.69 KB

Mental Health in adults (PDF)

Size: 225.29 KB

Non-cancer screening (PDF)

Size: 313.78 KB

Physical disability and sensory impairment (PDF)

Size: 132.85 KB

Respiratory disease (PDF)

Size: 320.39 KB

Smoking (PDF)

Size: 206.81 KB

Suicide and self harming (PDF)

Size: 296.34 KB

Wider determinates and vulnerable groups

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Adults with autism (PDF)

Size: 217.68 KB

Child poverty (PDF)

Size: 213.74 KB

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) (PDF)

Size: 231.17 KB

Crime and disorder (PDF)

Size: 408.97 KB

Delayed transfers of care (PDF)

Size: 209.86 KB

Deprivation (PDF)

Size: 423.09 KB

Employment and income (PDF)

Size: 212.06 KB

Gypsies and travellers (PDF)

Size: 212.84 KB

Housing and homelessness (PDF)

Size: 207.04 KB

Lesbian, gay and transgender people (PDF)

Size: 307.15 KB

Offenders : Prison (PDF)

Size: 209.23 KB

Safeguarding adults and older people (PDF)

Size: 309.56 KB

Transition (PDF)

Size: 107.12 KB

Veterans (PDF)

Size: 153.99 KB

Ward profiles

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) ward profiles.

Ascot and Cheapside (PDF)

Size: 884.14 KB

Belmont (PDF)

Size: 883.41 KB

Bisham and Cookham (PDF)

Size: 859.89 KB

Boyn Hill (PDF)

Size: 884.42 KB

Bray (PDF)

Size: 914.51 KB

Castle Without (PDF)

Size: 864.33 KB

Clewer East (PDF)

Size: 881.09 KB

Clewer North (PDF)

Size: 885.4 KB

Clewer South (PDF)

Size: 883.21 KB

Cox Green (PDF)

Size: 869.02 KB

Datchet (PDF)

Size: 886.79 KB

Eton and Castle (PDF)

Size: 866 KB

Eton Wick (PDF)

Size: 881.56 KB

Furze Platt (PDF)

Size: 897.38 KB

Horton and Wraysbury (PDF)

Size: 924.22 KB

Hurley and Walthams (PDF)

Size: 876.4 KB

Maidenhead and Riverside (PDF)

Size: 879.8 KB

Old Windsor (PDF)

Size: 875.22 KB

Oldfield (PDF)

Size: 857.04 KB

Pinkneys Green (PDF)

Size: 894.33 KB

Sunningdale (PDF)

Size: 889.53 KB

Sunninghill and South Ascot (PDF)

Size: 905.5 KB

Ageing well

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) chapters.

Excess winter deaths (PDF)

Size: 212.39 KB

Preventable sight loss (PDF)

Size: 231.88 KB

Residential and nursing care for older people provision (PDF)

Size: 190.02 KB

Seasonal flu (PDF)

Size: 241.03 KB

Transport accessibility for older people (PDF)

Size: 116.93 KB